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Feeling blue after sex


Optimizing and Testing Feeling blue after sex explores proven techniques for maximizing the coverage area and performance of wireless networks. Book review by Kate, 6, and Amy, 2. Kate said, "I like that it says sometimes people feel sad and they've got to cheer up. Some people sometimes feel happy because they've got a happy thing to think about.

It says at the end 'because it means I'm not alone'. Usually the other child is not mean to me anymore. After reading the book, she began to play but got upset and came to Mummy to say, "Mummy, I feel sad!

Sometimes I Feel Sad is ideal for younger children, especially in an EYFS setting or Feeling blue after sex children who have difficulty in communicating their feelings. It provides a platform for useful discussion around feelings and how others react to your sadness.

Feeling sad is only natural at times, and children should not feel there is anything wrong in feeling sad. A wonderful and brilliant evocation of what it feels like to be sad and to discover that it is one of life's inevitabilities.


A really helpful way to get kids to think about feeling sad. The illustrations are gorgeous and relevant to any age.

Fler böcker av författarna

Great resource for a whole class to reflect on sadness and its normal place in all our lives! The message is simple yet powerful: Small children will relate to this book. Bigger ones will, too. And I like the ducks! Tom Alexander writes stories, draws pictures and makes weird little things out of paper. He lives in London with his wife and cat.