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Are nikki bella and peter krause dating


She will tell you that she thinks she will be a member of the 27 club.

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The last several years have been a mess for her. She has tried to kill herself multiple times. She had a long time boyfriend who passed her around like a party favor while keeping her hooked on drugs the entire time. The thing is he rarely ever had sex with her because he has performance issues so would send her out to have Are nikki bella and peter krause dating with others or make her have sex with men and women in front of her. From an early age she was molested and saw nothing wrong with the behavior of the long time boyfriend.

With the help of two friends she managed to pull away for awhile but the guys she would date would end up being verbally abusive or just have sex with her and toss her to the curb. Her drug use spiraled out of control at one point to near death. She managed to pull herself back from the brink and was clean and sober for a few months.

She has been sexually abused by directors and producers and recording stars and record producers. She is being controlled and manipulated every second of her life.

She wants it all to end. The thing is though, she is so focused on celebrity and being famous that she is literally holding out as long as she can in order to kill herself when she is Posted by ent lawyer at 8: This is absolutely awful. What a waste of life this will be - it feels like this poor girl just hasn't had a chance. Enty, do you know anyone you can reach out to in an effort to mentor or help her?

This breaks my heart: If we focus in on the "adult actress" part, I would say Selena, as Demi and Taylor stopped acting years ago. Douche has performance issues according to the Enterns. Demi still has some recent and upcoming acting credits, but it could be any of the three, couldn't it. This is absolutely tragic and I really hope she can get help to prevent this. She does seem troubled, though. I think its Selena. She has more "real" acting credits than either of the other two, and with some guys who have either been already outed as or rumored on this site to be creeps: Also wasn't there a recent blind indicating that Allen was asking her to Are nikki bella and peter krause dating for him on the set of his film?

And the "pull away for a while" makes me think about how she got back together with Bieber. I hope she gets herself away from the abusers and to a support network who can show her it doesnt have to be that way - help is out there!

If it is Gomez, I'll give Beiber an 8ball to pass her over here for a bit.

Lisa Turtle gotta be way passed 27 by this point, huh? Oh yeah she's way past 27 Count but she still has plenty of troubles.

Even more than fucking Screetch has. The being close to death and being a more successful actress makes me believe it's Selena Gomez.

For once, Enty isn't hostile to her. But the comment about her being hooked on fame, she never took a long period of time for herself, rushed Are nikki bella and peter krause dating to work.

She was sure she would be a member of the 27 club, but here she is still hanging around. And that this person is probably not helping themselves because they are infamy as a 27 club member as more meaningful than trying to reclaim their current life. Whoever this is, I hope they can find help somewhere. Surely even the worst of these famous people has one decent person in their lives? I thought Miley too at 1st but she's been in a committed relationship for a while now and that just doesn't really fit with the story.

I adore Miley and I'm glad she seems to be doing so well at the moment. Selena has been on heavy drugs since a very young age; hence her requiring a kidney transplant. Drug use leads to kidney failure, autoimmune Lupus ; all go hand-in-hand. She's living on a borrowed kidney that has to be sustained with long-term medications. It will fail her quickly.


Will she be allowed onto a waiting list for her behavior leading up to it? What are the chances of surviving a second transplant? If kids were getting molested on set, they never saw or heard about it.

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Perhaps certain kids were targeted. But my friend was not a stage mom and her son had no fame ambitions beyond the show.