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Riding hard factory video


The opinions expressed in these reviews are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Unicorn Trails Ltd.

These reviews are "directly from the horses mouth" and unedited. Unicorn Trails may make additional comments for clarification clearly identified in red. Day 1 Take an overnight flight to arrive at the airport in the morning and transfer to the farm. After settling in to your room you will have a tour of Riding hard factory video farm "Riding hard factory video" a relaxed lunch.

You will discuss the plans for the week with your guides over dinner in The Stone Hut café. L,D Day 2 After breakfast you mount up for a full-day ride. You might venture into the highlands of the National Park, or visit the local Bedouins, stopping for lunch on the trail and returning to the farm in the afternoon 25 Km. Dinner is your own choice tonight, you can go into town and sample one of the local restaurants, get food delivered to your room or cook something for yourself with the facilities provided.

The ride starts out at a swift pace from the farm to Mitzpe Ramon, passing along the edge of the town which is perched right on the edge of the crater. You will ride along the breath-taking Riding hard factory video of the crater, with plenty of opportunities to take photographs along the way. Then, leaving civilization behind, you ride out into the desert following a maze of trails which your guide knows intimately. Every opportunity to trot or canter is taken as the horses expertly move across the rocky ground.

Even away from the crater there are many undulations and slopes to overcome. Make sure you drink plenty of water out here! Your guides take you to one of the more accessible sides of the crater and you make your way in to this incredible and unique area. When descending the steep rocky sides of the crater you may need to dismount and lead Riding hard factory video horse, but their sure-footedness and balance make easy work of the angles. You will see many interesting geological developments as you ride across the crater floor with an incredible array of colours in the rocks.

Once the horses are fed and watered you can sit around the fire as your dinner is cooking. A traditional South African dish, the Potjie is cooked in an iron pot sat in the flames and produces a wonderful vegetable stew. There are tents available for those that want them, or you can sleep out in the open, feeling the light breeze across your face as you fall asleep under a blanket of stars.

B, L, D Day 4 You rise with the sun today with the sounds of the horses nearby. Breakfast is served and then it is time to mount up again and set out across the crater floor. Keep an eye out for deer amongst the hardy bushes that line the dried river beds, and if you are very lucky you might even spot some wild ponies.

The dramatic scenery of the crater provides the backdrop on the 45km trek back to the farm. There are many more opportunities for faster riding today and some more stunning photo spots to take advantage of.

You will find yourself riding directly towards an impossibly high cliff at the edge of the crater, which when you arrive has a cleverly worked path snaking up the sides. The horses power up, still full of going after the two Riding hard factory video and it is a surprise when you get to the top that the ground is relatively flat.

It is much cooler outside the crater and suddenly you start to see signs of civilization again. You might spot an adventurous cyclist tackling some of the trails, or a local family out for a walk, having seen no one else all day. The horses know they are heading for home now and put on an extra burst of energy to take you across the terraced slopes of desert hills and past the tree plantations that mark your return to the inhabited world. Finally, you crest one of the hills and see the farm spread out below you.

The whinnies of the other horses welcome you back as the sun sets behind you, and you can say you have conquered the crater. The horses enjoy a good roll in the sand and are set free to enjoy as much food and water as they want. You have time to go back to your room and enjoy a shower and a change of clothes before meeting back at The Stone Hut for dinner and to relive your adventures.

B, L, D Day 5 Today you have a relaxed Riding hard factory video as you recover from the intensity of the last two days. Riding hard factory video might choose to go in to town or spend some time with the other inhabitants of the farm — the llamas and alpacas are real characters — or you could simply relax on the porch of your cabin with a book.

In the afternoon, meet back at the stables for a relaxed ride out from the farm. Ease out your muscles with some gentle trots and canters as the fresh horses are eager to show you that they are just as good as the endurance horses from before! You will get back to the farm around dusk and have the choice of what to do for dinner.

B Day 6 Today you take another full day ride out into the Negev. To explore as much as possible, the horses may be trucked out to a new starting location from which you ride out on a new adventure.

Your hosts know this area better than anyone and will know the Riding hard factory video places to visit depending on the conditions.

You might ride back in to the crater from the other side and find the black rocks, or travel out to one of the many vineyards in the area to learn about the local wine industry. Riding hard factory video opportunities are endless and you will wish you had more time to explore them all!

A farewell dinner is served in The Stone Hut as you share photos and memories from you time with these wonderful hosts. B, L, D Day 7 After breakfast you just have time to say goodbye to the friendly farm inhabitants before transferring back to the airport. All itineraries are given for your guidance only and it may be altered on the ground and in accordance with the prevailing conditions by the organising team. There are over 30 horses at the farm with a mix of breeds and sizes.

Around half of the horses have Arab bloodlines and are used for the endurance trails. The horses are all well adapted to their environment and Riding hard factory video been trained for endurance work.

They are well tempered and fit to allow for long canters across the desert and equally steady climbs where the terrain dictates. With exclusive access to horse riding in the Negev Desert and Ramon Crater National Parks, the riding is often fast-paced across open desert Riding hard factory video along trails.

Trotting and cantering are the favoured paces and used as much as possible. Many of the horses are forward going and most prefer to be ridden with a very light contact.

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There is a selection of level-headed horses for riders who like to relax a little more on the rides but the horses are generally very keen! The horses are ridden in lightweight western saddles, although a few English saddles are used on some horses.

There is some walking required when going up or down the steep sides of the crater.

Travel Summary

It is compulsory to wear a riding helmet for this ride - we strongly recommend that you take your own properly fitted helmet, although there is a selection of different sizes available to borrow on site. This is an endurance-based programme where riders will need to be experienced and capable of maintaining trot Riding hard factory video canter for extended periods of time.

There may be some rough terrain on the rides and at times riders will need to dismount and lead their horse when going up or down steep ground.

Guests are welcome to help groom and tack up the horses but this is not required. The minimum age for this ride is 16 years but the riders must be experienced.

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