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More information about cookies. Critical and Cultural Theory is an interdisciplinary research environment that focuses on a critically motivated study of cultural artefacts and practices.

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Works of art, literary and philosophical texts, media technologies, and social and political practices are the focus of research. The researchers are united by the conviction that critically informed humanities are vital for the self-understanding and scrutiny needed to address the questions of the future in contemporary society. Philosophy, Socrates declared, is the art of dying. This book underscores that it is also the art of learning to live and share the earth with those who have come before us.

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Burial, with its surrounding rituals, is the most ancient documented cultural-symbolic "Studs splitting spending time" The premise of Being with the Dead is that we can explore our lives with the dead as a cross-cultural existential a priori out of which the basic forms of historical consciousness emerge. Care for the dead is not just about the symbolic handling of mortal remains; it also points to a necropolitics, the social bond between the dead and living that holds societies together—a shared space or polis where the dead are maintained among the living.

Moving from mortuary rituals to literary representations, from the problem of ancestrality to technologies of survival and Studs splitting spending time communication, Hans Ruin explores the epistemological, ethical, and ontological dimensions of what it means to be with the dead.

His phenomenological approach to key sources in a range of fields gives us a new perspective on the human sciences as a whole. Specifically, my focus will be on the unpublished notes to the course Sur le problème de la parole On the Problem of Speech. Firstly, whereas Husserl describes a regressive inquiry of truth, Merleau-Ponty describes a regressive movement of truth, where every acquired truth seizes the tradition that precedes it. Secondly, this new notion of truth, and its dependency on its proper expression, opens up for a new understanding of literature.

El objetivo principal del presente texto es examinar y problematizar la politización de la indigeneidad mediante el enfoque analítico en los encuentros y diálogos interculturales, y más específicamente de los Kichwas de Cotacachi y Otavalo, localidades tradicionalmente marcadas por las estructuras sociales excluyentes y racistas.

Dentro del marco de la democracia deliberativa intercultural y las estructuras de oportunidades políticas, se analizarán las alianzas sociopolíticas de diferentes agrupaciones de ciudadanos y colectivos indígenas, que anteriormente estuvieron excluidas de Studs splitting spending time esferas públicas, y que confrontan nuevos desafíos y dilemas una vez que "Studs splitting spending time" como autoridades políticas a nivel local.

Teóricamente y metodológicamente, la presente etnografía del Estado enfoca concretamente en el las transformaciones de los vínculos entre las poblaciones indígenas de Cotacachi y Otavalo y el Estado, asimismo considerando los diálogos y alianzas interculturales del movimiento indígena en las dos localidades.