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While Göteborg itself is fantastic for umpteen number of reasons, it took Glimpse future sex toys a few months to realise that you could reach three country capitals from Göteborg within less than 4 hours, for prices less than about SEK! Not that country capitals necessarily are the best places to crash into if you are exploring places Glimpse future sex toys, but nonetheless it is fun to have checked out as many country capitals as one can.

Helsinki and Berlin too are not that far, but I will stick to the ones where traveling by buses and trains make more sense. This rail link skims through some of the best rural landscape in Sweden. Passing numerous towns, wide fields, shallow shores and houses in hilly valleys is a sight to behold. During winter the snow cap on the bald trees and cosy houses is another mystic vista. The best entry into a city, hitherto on road is to Oslo. Remarkable sight as one enters into this posh-er city.

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