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O n 8 July,the philanthropist and writer Sigrid Rausing flew with her family to their summer house by the sea in Sweden. While they were travelling, everyone was happy: Once they were on the ground, however, something changed — for Sigrid, if not the others. The sky was blue. The policeman who checked their passports on the tarmac was kind. But the atmosphere was suddenly eerie.

The next day, she had a telephone call scheduled, the subject for discussion being the issue of human rights in Belarus.

It began, as planned, at 2. Soon afterwards, Eric slipped silently into her office. He had written a note, which he now passed to her, and which she read as the voice on the other end of the line continued to talk of Andréi Sannikov, the activist who had recently been released from prison by President Lukashenko.

What does she remember of this moment? That the room stilled. That the shock had an underwater quality, heavy and silent. Everyone knows — or they think they know — the rest. The headlines were feverish, gothic to an almost exuberant degree.

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