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What do you work with? I work as a photographer or photojournalist to be specific. I work for a number of newspapers, magazines and commercial clients. Why did you move to New York? I moved here for the adventure and the challenge. I used to live on the West Coast and I think that as a European I missed the feeling of living in an urban city.

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Rubbing elbows Hotel sex party nyc part 1 people, riding subways and walking. What does New York mean to you? I think it means freedom. The anonymity of a big city allows you to be whomever and whatever you want. You also have the freedom to change and try different things, constantly reinvent yourself. Mention 3 of your favourite places in New York? It changes with the season and my moods: I love going to places that I rarely visit on a daily basis.

The Bronx has some stunning architecture and vibrant immigrant communities with amazing food. The Rockaways in Queens in the summer is pretty great. And then of course there is Manhattan. I once walked the length of Manhattan following Broadway.

What do you love to do in New York in your free time? I try to take advantage of the offerings. The museums, art galleries but now that we have a little baby I find myself at the playground pointing at squirrels on weekends.

What do you like best about New York? The diversity and the acceptance. I guess in short, I love the people here. It implies a hodgepodge of Hotel sex party nyc part 1 used to make a savory dish and that is not what New York is. Hamill describes New Yorkers as an alloy. Different materials coming together to create something that is stronger than each individual part.

What is your best tip for someone dreaming about moving to New York? Try it out for a few months and see if you like it. I think it helps to have somewhat clear goals and aspirations.

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Come here with an idea of what you want to do but also be prepared to change and see new opportunities. Describe New York with 3 words Diverse. For the last eight years I have worked as film commissioner of Stockholm, going back and forth between Stockholm and New York. But as of this winter I live permanently in New York again — working on my second novel. I first moved here in as a 19 year old. I spent my first ten years here being very involved in the vibrant club-scene. New York then was very different from now; gritty, dangerous and very exiting.

In I fell into the film-industry and worked on 15 feature films here until I moved back to Stockholm in with my Hotel sex party nyc part year old daughter. It is the only place on earth where I feel like I fit in. You are allowed to be whoever you like to be in this city. You get friends from all over and you end up at dinners and events where people are of all ages: You just think they are interesting they must be — having chosen to live in this city. My roof, or any roof, with a view of the city.

I will never get tired of looking out over the rooftops of East Village and see the Chrystler building and the midtown skyline at the horizon. Union Square Farmers Market. My husband is a photographer specializing in the music scene so we go to see bands a lot at Bowery Hotel sex party nyc part and Sidewalk Café and other places. And we eat out a lot. I love the restaurants in New York and especially in our neighborhood.

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We sat in the back gliding around on spill from the fish. I could go on and on telling you weird true tales from my New York life. Hotel sex party nyc part 1 do you love most about about New York? I love how everything feels possible — and of course I love all the excellent food.

And I love that all the door-men in my building are buddists from Nepal and that they sit and chant sometimes when you pass the front desk. Buy a cheap ticket and go tomorrow. Then when you are here talk to people in bars, parks everywhere. Let everyone know you are looking for work, because that really weird lady with the dog might be knowing somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody.

New Yorkers love to help others out.

New Yorkers love to be connectors. I moved because I always wanted to live in New York, and I stayed because I like how the city challenges and provokes you; in the long run the city helps you create interesting work. Mention 3 of your favorite places in New York Red Hook — The neighborhood is not served by any subway line which gives it a village-like atmosphere.

It also has some of the "Hotel sex party nyc part 1" views of the harbor and Manhattan. Rockaways — My absolute favorite destination from May to September. It takes me about an hour and offers spectacular views of the city… this walk is usually when new projects come to mind. What do you do love to do in New York in your free time I really enjoy weekend mornings when my wife and I have the luxury of a long breakfast at home with tons of coffee while debating a range of the mornings newspapers headlines.

Mention something weird that you have experienced in New York Too many things to list but a favorite moment was when an entire restaurant seemingly impromptu began sining Bohemian Rhapsody together. What do like most about New York? Have patience, plenty of it. Describe New York with 3 words Not. Sixty Hotel Soho for Monocle. Colleen Flanigan is a socio-ecological artist living in New York City. I was living in Barcelona since and needed a city with more movement. And I have since years ago wanted live in NY.

But have everything clear that you really wanna move to NY. Describe New York with 3 words Big, fun and surprising. One of Veronicas illustrations. Because I fell in love with the city first time I came here fifteen years ago, and kept coming back a couple of times a year. It became harder to leave every time I was visiting, almost like a physical pain. The thing I enjoyed Hotel sex party nyc part 1 most was just doing normal everyday things, like going to the dry cleaner, riding the subway, have my scrambled eggs at the same place every morning where everyone knew my name.

Eventually I did, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Mention 3 of your favourite places in New York Hudson River Park — I live close to the river, and there are few things I enjoy more than a morning walk or run along the piers. I also quite like the New Jersey skyline and criss-crossing the commuters going to work from the river boats.

At dinnertime I highly recommend the boat Grand Banks at Pier 25 for oysters, seafood and an amazing sunset. Great Jones Café — My home away from home. I go here at least once a week to hang out, eat som really nice and affordable cajun food and listen to the music from Hotel sex party nyc part 1 best jukebox in the Western hemisphere.

Staff is super nice and the atmosphere is very relaxed and enjoyable.

What are you most passionate about? Food, food and food. A big part of my life is about food. I work as a food writer, food stylist and cookbook author and was born with a big appetite for trying new stuff and exploring the wonderful world of flavours.

There is no better place for doing just that than New York City. You can make a culinary trip around the world in just a few subway stops.

One of the advantages of living in New York is also to have a kitchen of my own to cook in. I Love going to my local Greenmarket and get fresh produce and make it come alive back in the apartment. What is your advice to someone who wants to succeed "Hotel sex party nyc part 1" New York? Dream big and make it work.

It might sound as a cliché but anything is actually possible in this town. As long as you believe in yourself and are prepared to work hard, you can make it happen. But you also have to allow yourself to open up to strangers and remember to appreciate the people around you and help others out, then they will be there for you forever.

Only in New York, kids.

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