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Nude posing and pissing on a kitchen island


I found it in my computer and its not me for sure. This person ar much more exact than me and that get it clear and cut.

Im just run thru the mall grabbing all cloth i can making real art of it in the Nude posing and pissing on a kitchen island waste place southsouth-east of the mall. They signed and took the. Many in the cultural setting. Its time for Göteborgs Handels och Sjöfartstidning. If you dont get that use google. What a funny cat.

We are free then. We have kept an ancient power and decision system alive for no good  reason but to  keep the boys occupied. No, we should let them be who  they want, beside fans of football jerseys in a special pattern with the  oh,so important colors.

This is a  long gone need to  drum up war people cause there arent to be such a war again hopefully. Ownership is in here somehow but i cant think it all up. AND, if this work really must be so bad organised, why today the walk ?

Why work for 5 days into selfmutulation to be free just two?

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