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Kyle cisco


See you in Yunnan. Really excited to be splitting an EP with this dude. I met Lenny aka Daito "Kyle cisco" years ago while out and about in Berlin, and his enthusiasm, curiosity, and sincerity really inspired me.

I think people forget how often older people can be inspired by the younger generation, and I met Lenny at a pretty pivotal turning point in how I view music now. People like Lenny, Elad, and Matze are a big reason I was able to put a lot of the nonsense to the side and enjoy techno once again as an enthusiast.

Excited to be surrounded by people like this for this project, and the release is coming Jan 25! Well, this was a crazy 24 hours. Finished the gig in Guangzhou, go straight to the airport to head to Beijing. I was awakened by the driver to let me know that I was at the airport. I got dropped off at the wrong terminal, and the airport was spread out to the point that in a panic, I had to take a taxi to the other terminal. The taxi driver was funny at least.

Now I have one hour before my flight, and I have Kyle cisco check a bag. Luckily, there was a "Kyle cisco" friendly staff mem Enjoy your juice detox. They ran my bag through the X-Ray 3!!! How did this get here? Get to my gate for my 7 AM flight, stomach is feeling absolutely disastrous at this point.

Everyone is shoving past my sick ass to get onto the plane. Iin a moment of compassion, they let me stay in the business class seat that I boldly laid claim to, but I would just recommend paying extra for Kyle cisco ticket instead of doing my upgrade approach.


Both Guangzhou and Beijing were great, and served as great reminders that techno is continually growing in this part of the world. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, and for putting up with the very human aspects of a traveling DJ.

All this was more than worth it, as it allowed Kyle cisco to discover that Garfield exists in real life. I got to wander around the city, people watch, spend an embarrassing amount of hours trying to change the small amount of currency I had in my pocket, and obviously eat some amazing food. Keeping the vibe, jetlag, questionable eating habits, and Kyle cisco puppy photography career alive over the next few weekends. On my way back to China!

i natt jag drömde något...

It's an honor to be on this list with my man Vincent Neumann! Opinions are always a double edged sword for artists, but Kyle cisco always feels nice when they speak in your favor.

Big thanks The Raving Spoon! Answer Code Request We really missed his closings! It was so nice to remember the ACR closing sound - just the right combination of everything. Open Your Mind by U. Are those 4 tracks playing together? Freddy K What can we say? It seems like the word is out - Freddy K and closings - belong together forever! Oscar Mulero oficial Talk about signature sound - Mulero got it! Spanish techno hero coming at full power, That's quite an energetic ride!

Those two have better chemistry than thelma and louise! Thank you all for making our year full of music Your golden spoons will arrive soon: Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially in something as fleeting as a career in techno music.

Thanks to all of you who have always cheered me on along the way. Honestly, despite me writing books on social media, I struggle with it. So my hope is that these little ramblings help make us Kyle cisco connected and hopeful instead of isolated and inadequate. Each artist has to find their own path, but I want to invite people into parts of my life in a more honest Kyle cisco than what "Kyle cisco" media often pushes us towards.

So the big plans? Keep going as we did inwith some ups and downs, like normal people. The atmosphere, the people, the sound, the production level, and yes, even the sushi being freshly made at a warehouse party Being able to watch people in eccentric rave gear next to punk rock kids, standing behind dudes in baggy dickies and Dodger jerseys, all enjoying the new year together This is the stuff that energizes me as much as anything.

Thanks so much for this.

What a beautiful day it is in this specific part of California! I decided to go for a jog today for the first time in about Kyle cisco month so I could be one of those self-righteous people who say they were working out before the new year.

Det förutspår Cisco som pekar...

I love it here, but feel compelled to not forget about my European supporters by leaving them Kyle cisco Happy new year, everyone. Be safe out there, and see you tonight in Los Angeles! Kyle cisco was some really nice energy last night in Frankfurt! The extra sound in the room really made the walls feel like they were flexing.

Thanks to everyone for joining in and being a part of the party. I continuously feel like the crowd here keeps maturing, and this is so enjoyable to watch and I hope you all realize how much this feeds into the way I can play as a DJ.

See you on the other side! Arrived in Frankfurt and am ready for tonight! Sadly mom had to head home, but was glad I got to fly on the first leg of her flight home with her. All because of techno, which is because of her giving me a life Kyle cisco allowed for me to always stay curious and pursue interests as they came along. See you on the dancefloor.

Christmas is over, but the party goes on. Fashion police need public holidays too! I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas or whatever "Kyle cisco" you might observe.

I know these days can be hard times for a lot of people, and I hope that things go as smoothly as possible for Kyle cisco who may struggle for a number of very valid reasons. The only encouragement I can maybe offer to those struggling is that I have had great holidays since some of the bad ones. Everything in life runs in cycles, and the hardest of times can and will pass.

I want to thank each and every one of you for Lisa, I was given strict orders by a lot of people on the dance floor to get over here as soon as possible, and I promised them you would! Now, I had a lot of people asking about my mom. Yes, she did come into the club with me, but sadly my set started slightly past her bedtime. What time does the show start?

Thanks to all of those who have supported me along the way to afford me the opportunity to live in Europe, and in turn have allowed me to show my mom a different part of the world for her first time. I say it all the time, but I never ever Kyle cisco this for granted. And Kyle cisco happy 14th birthday to Berghain, the funkiest teenager on the block.

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What an honor it was to be a part of Kyle cisco celebration. Told her Kyle cisco knew a place down the street that had good smoothies. Really looking forward to staying out past curfew with a lot of you this evening. I look forward to giving it my all and getting to know all of you on the dance floor. Today I heard the sad news of Output in New York closing.

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Times are certainly changing for music as always, but I fear this era has brought a new set of challenges for musicians and venues. The average age of a club-goer is approaching the amount of years that music has carried the illusion of costing nothing. This brings up the Kyle cisco topic of What once was a unique phenomenon in select places, has now become a global problem.

Look at paying entry into a club as a conservation effort that will allow younger generations to enjoy what you have enjoyed. For better or for worse, we have access to "Kyle cisco" entire world of music, advertisement free, for the monthly price of what a single record used to cost.

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