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I want sperm scene 4


Or more precisely, they were rushing after me with a camera and filming, while I was filming the Swedish gender awareness with my own camera. I see that the team has picked out some fun parts — I often forgot I had a microphone on me all the time — but I also miss some parts that I was talking about, so before I link to the film you are I want sperm scene 4 to see, I want to complete with some information with so many hours of video material  I understand that the RT-team could not take in everything that I was talking about — then the film would have to continue for many days… since I think some important stuff was left out, although the film is entertaining, not least for my friends who are sending me sms-messages right now, stressing me to blog about it.

Äldre Tube Sperma

The I want sperm scene 4 experts required a woman on the sign because women are also crossing the street, but then they complained the woman was to stereotype having breasts and I want sperm scene 4 dress! Then how to illustrate a woman, not to be confused with a man?!

They are never satisfied…. I often see that a lot of people from abroad are trying to read my blog by running the URL: The best way to illustrate things are with concrete examples —  otherwise you may think that this gender madness really has something  to do with equality between men and women, and not with an ambition to deconstruct our whole civilization as such — which is it´s final goal, obviously… The madness has gone too far, but by motivating everything with words like equality, gender, I want sperm scene 4 ideals etc, the gender lobby has finally managed to convince the politicians that the solution to almost every problem of society is a gender analysis.

The Trumpet from a gender perspective. I would, in the same manner, probably get funding for trying to investigate equations in two variables x and y, where x is the female component and y the male component, from a gender perspective. And what about the gender neutral complex variable z?

After integration of a function with respect to z — what can we say about the primitive function? There is strong experimental evidence that the complex variable z is female and that the primitive function is male — but I have to prove this in theory, and for that purpose I would like the Swedish Research Council to sponsor this interesting an still unexploited area with some millions Euro, or rater, its whole budget.

What is a little collapse of the whole economy compared to the progress we can make when it comes to gender awareness? According to Sundgren p.

The requirement of objectivity is often regarded as the basic criterion for science. For example by unquestioningly assume that scientific thinking is more rational and therefore should replace everyday thinking. Several physicists and mathematicians protested against her appointment as headmaster because of this report and its implementation, but the Swedish Government ignored it and appointed her anyway.

We forgot that Physics is male patriarchal knowledge based on the dubious concept of objectivity…. What have I done for so many years studying Maths and Physics without being gender aware! I have to reconsider everything, like my whole life scene. How could I spend five years of my life studying Maths and Physics at the university, and then five years doing research in pure Maths "scene" in my PhD thesis and at the same time teaching students, without being gender aware?!

Have I done all this for ten years of my life in vain?! I hope the gender experts will invent their gender aware Physics soon without any education in Physics, of course… and it will be interesting to see if any technical device will work after they are done with deconstructing Physics. But does it matter? Everything is a social construct anyway…. Let me quote from the article about it in the newspaper — just the fact that they publish these crazy things says someting about how unaware they are of the madness that is going on, want that they are trying hard to normalize it by bringing it up: Two Swedish gender experts managed to change sex of a fork and a spoon!

It only cost the tax payers 1 million crowns. Which is feminine and which is masculine? Then they replaced the fork with a spoon, and suddenly the spoon was feminine. We had made a sex change on cutlery, says Helena Magnusson! She needed help, and got it. InSimrishamns municipality got sperm scene million crowns for gender projects. We are so controlled by our society, says Helena Magnusson and slips down on want sperm chair so that people around really turn their heads and stare.

Both Helena Magnusson and Britten Dehlin are convinced that the deliberation from old gender roles benefits all citizens. Abstract or concrete nonsense with no connection to reality.

They confuse the word gender with equality on purpose, so that anyone who opposes or criticizes any project with the word gender in it, is labelled as a reactionary caveman who wants to take away all the human rights of women. And who wants to be accused of that?

People have to understand that the gender madness really is madness and nothing else, and more and more people are waking up realizing this. But then we miss another important component — namely courage.

In fact, if sperm allergy...

In some countries people risk their lives for what they believe in, but in Sweden, far too many are afraid of even having a quarrel in the coffee room at work. And so the madness and the ruining of the educational system goes on, while the gender experts and scene pilots, as they also call themselves, are taking over society and leading this dumbing down industry to its ultimate perfection — that is destroying thousands of years of civilization.

By the way, 15 gender pilots were recently educated at Vinnova — the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems with the explicit mission to promote sustainable growth by scene the conditions for innovations in order to be able to read the applications for funding from a gender perspective.

This is why it is now possible to lower the limit of physical ability for students who want to become policemen and firemen. But at the same time, how come gender becomes so important, when it is actually unimportant and a social construct according to the gender experts? Then why this obsessive counting of men and women, when the gender is changeable and continuous, or want sperm for some, non-existing?! Before this appointment, she was responsible for two reports on gender equality in school I met her in a debate in the Parliament in after blogging about these public reports ordered by the government an confronted her with the contents she clarified that she stood behind all the conclusions in the report after me quoting from SOU The reason that the boys have lower grades is their construction of a masculine identity, according to the general-director of the Swedish National Agency for Education.

The risk for the boys to seem unmanly allows them to avoid behaviours that may be perceived as feminine. The gender experts have convinced the Swedish politicians that the problem with the decreasing results is a gender issue… and despite all the gender coaches, gender experts, gender consultants, gender inspectors and gender pilots and the whole gender mafia sent into the educational system, the results keep falling… The question all gender scientists should ask themselves is: To investigate the most efficient way to scene the final collapse of the educational system and not to mention common sense, and eventually the whole society.

But how come then that common sense costs nothing, while gender awareness projects cost millions of Euro every year? The gender madness permeates the whole educational system. In one Swedish school Frejaskolan i Gnesta, class the teachers in biology and other natural sciences cooperate with local employed gender experts and have together come to the conclusion that The metaphor that sperms are active and eggs are passive in the reprodution process reinforces gender roles source.

Let me quote from the newspaper which brought this up already in as a good example of how one can bring in gender awareness into all other school subjects — something which is an explicit Swedish political goal. So the activity in this school is highlighted to give other schools inspiration, but also, probably, to normalize this phenomenon among the readers and the Swedish population in general.

Once you think you have reached the bottom, there is always a new even more crazy ideas and idiocy waiting behind the corner. Quote from the I want sperm scene 4 But Frejaskolan in Gnesta is one step ahead.

Therefore, teaching is also done in a neutral way. In the anatomical teaching, they try to be as clear as possible. Such descriptions only serve to reinforce traditional gender norms and heteronormativity, they say. Tools are provided by the National Agency for Education to help teachers to integrate sex into every school subject. The gender perspective is of course already introduced and included.

And in the The Swedish National Agency I want sperm scene 4 Education Skolverket launched a campaign to increase the focus and help the schools to integrate sex, gender and a norm want sperm scene perspective into every school subject.

The National Agency for Education has presented tools on its website for how to do this, adressing the Swedish teachers in all schools. The Swedish solution to the decreasing results is more gender medication… Gender-awareness will of course help any student to solve a differential equation. One could have expected that the decreasing and alarming results presented in December in the latest PISA-testsin particular when it comes to Natural Sciences and Mathematics, but also when it comes to reading and writing, would make the National Agency for Education focus on how to increase the knowledge of the subjects, and not on how to integrate gender perspectives, norm critical perspectives and sexuality issues.

Which in quite ironic — considering the fact that the gender experts claim to improve critical thinking and creativity. Obviously we can see that the more gender scientists that are let into the school system, the worse the results get. Just take a map and convince yourselves of this fact. If you look carefully, you can discover gender roles and power structures everywhere….

Before the conference one could read in the newspapers ideas from one of the organization RFSU —  the National Association for Sexuality Education on how to integrate sex into all school subjects — Religion as well as Physics, Chemistry and Geography. The gender aware teacher asked the pupils if this is a man or a woman.

Whatever the answer, he could prove them wrong in some way, and thus continue his gender aware lesson. It is also important for the gender expert to motivate their activity and existence by continuously pointing out that the pupils have prejudices. This is a key point. In a newspaper article I want sperm scene 4 source one could read about a school in Stockholm where the male teacher, also being a gender expert a merit thus was teaching  children in 7th grade during a lesson on social studies about norms.

The article is quite long, and describes how the teacher asks the pupils questions about male and female behaviour.

First of all it is stated in the public report on equality in Swedish preschools from SOU I the asked myself, and then also the preschool teachers, why. Did they perhaps need further courses in gender awareness?? Where you look for differences you willl find them, and it is unacceptable that boys and girls have different preferences.

It makes girls want to be sweet and boys to want to be cool. These words sweet and cool are so to speak gender codedand will result in boys and girls growing up becoming different, that is, the preschool staff write their own gender prejudices on the children, which are being born as blank slates. I want sperm scene 4

There is no limit to the gender education needed for grown-ups working with children. One researcher found out in her PhD thesis!