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Csm kyle and morgan

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Ställ en fråga om att jobba eller intervjua hos Goodwill Industries. Vår community är redo att svara. Lägg in ditt CV Logga in. Louis, MO - 41     St. Catharines, ON - 10     St. Hittade 14  recensioner som matchade sökningen Se alla 14  recensionerna. Csm kyle and morgan   Tidigare anställd —   Charlotte, NC — 23 januari Would recommend as a good part-time job for any college students. The hours are reasonable and you still have a social life.

Some of the good things about the job are the interesting people you'll meet. Hjälpte den här recensionen dig? It is a great place to work to gain retail experience. You learn a lot about community and how your work impacts the community. You meet great customers. Well when I worked at Goodwill I got an ok pay bi weekly. I worked with good people and good managers. Unwilling to change despite verbalizing a desire to do so.

No growth for employees. Complete acceptance of being a "halfway house" for employees without developing talent or incentivising loyalty.

Slavery Csm kyle and morgan abolished but Goodwill still does it. My two asst managers were okay. My main role was a hanger and you had to hang pcs a day. May not sound difficult but you were only able to put pcs on each rack and you had to be on it, non-stop.

It was a very physical job and sometime became unsanitary.

But overall, it was a good place to work. I just wanted to get away from working on the weekends. The job itself is interesting! It's cool to see the type of things people donate, and I liked putting things away and cleaning because of that. It definitely made the job more interesting. However, the managers are what made this job difficult for me. There were clear issues with communication between the regular staff and the management.

Also, I had been cursed at by my management and scolded unnecessarily, as had many other employees, and moral Csm kyle and morgan very low the whole time I worked there. Hard work was never noted by management.

They only pointed out the things the staff was doing wrong, while at the same time being hypocritical and doing the same things we were yet not getting the same discipline.

If the managers didn't like you, they'd target you and try to get you fired for the littlest things. Also, the managers were extremely rude to customers and treated them like they were idiots. They also racially profiled customers, assuming that some would shoplift more than others because of their ethnicity.

Not all of my managers were like this, but some of them were. Altogether, it was a learning experience for me and I "Csm kyle and morgan" did love the job itself. It's a shame that the management Csm kyle and morgan so bad, otherwise this would be a great place to work.

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Cashier   Tidigare anställd —   Charlottesville, VA — 14 december Clean friendly ok customer service I got along with every one that worked there its likes a little family I ran front of store hung clothes picked up trash and made sure store was clean and no harmful objects in the way.

I enjoyed the management team, and the customers weren't abominable either. I really liked my job and tried my best. I recently lost my. I was a homemaker for 32 years and Goodwill was my 1st job outside the home. I got fired for being considerate of my co-workers. Was fun and pretty good till management was changed. Management was great, but every two years or so they get transferred, and "Csm kyle and morgan" kind of went down the drain after that. Some of the supervises were still good, but so many of the staff we came to know and love got transferred all in a short span so it was just like one blow after the next.

Co-workers were great and I loved them all they really made the job worthwhile. Fun place to work. Hoping to work for them again!! Relocated since July and would like to work in this city. Orientation was fast and painless. I like the bussle of the job. I got along well with the other employees.

Looking for a second chance with the company. Very easy and relaxed atmosphere for the most part. I was given great direction from my superiors. There were numerous opportunities to develop my job skills which is why I worked here Csm kyle and morgan the first place in hopes of gaining employment permanently somewhere. Housekeeping   Tidigare anställd —   Baltimore, MD — 13 december It is for profit inspite of being a c.

Everybody is cut throat and lack general people skills.

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