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Regional medical center health and fitness


It's cool, we never post anything without your knowledge. Please provide your name and note that only your first name and the inital letter of your last name will be visible to others. Stockholm has been at the forefront of health and fitness trends for some time. Which means plenty of healthfood restaurants, but also a huge selection of gyms. Whether you're a die-hard gym junkie who's new in town or, possibly even more likely - someone who has good intentions about getting off the sofa, but hasn't quite made it all the way to the gym yet.

If you're Regional medical center health and fitness for the ultimate gym where you can hone your skills or somewhere that can provide some advice and motivation, our list of the best gyms in Stockholm will help. The emphasis here is on both health and enjoyment.

The gym, which also includes one of the best squash courts in the city, aims to provide personal service, a relaxed atmosphere and spotless facilities, to make incorporating a daily exercise routine into your life easier.

They pay special attention to older members. You'll find a large room for circuit training as well as several personal trainers who are there to help and give advice.

Kungstensgatan 44Vasastan. A bright and personal gym which offers everything from classic weight lifting and keep fit and fun workout classes to more tailormade training, to improve your golf or tennis game, for example. Top notch personal training is provided by, among others, Marcus Miramadi - one of Stockholm's most popular personal trainers.

Stjärnvägen 1ALidingö. Träningspuls can be found inside the World Trade Center, in the heart of Stockholm city centre.

Kingman Regional Medical Center provides...

Their aim is to provide more than just a gym - Regional medical center health and fitness a member you can benefit from their holistic health concept.

Train in the gym or take part in group classes, book a massage or an appointment with an osteopath, see a chiropractor or try shockwave therapy, zone therapy and laser therapy. The founder of Delta Gym, near Odenplan, is a former professional bodybuilder and lots of gym regulars compete within the fitness world.

This doesn't mean beginners will feel out of place, however, as the gym has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of members who are happy to give tips and advice. Motivation and inspiration levels are sky high. Hälsingegatan 5Vasastan.

It's clear a great deal of thought and money has gone into the surroundings at Balance. The famous architect firm Claesson Koivisto Rune designed the gym and everything from the facade and rooms to the toilets and changing rooms are seriously stylish.

There's also Regional medical center health and fitness strong emphasis on personal training two sessions are included when you sign up. Sturebadet is Stockholm's most exclusive and luxurious gym.

It costs significantly more than all the other alternatives, but the facilities are also the best. The swimming pool, which members have free access to, is heated to 29 degrees, and if you feel like a sauna there's both a dry sauna and a steam room.

The Center for Health +...

There's also an excellent restaurant, Curman. Sturebadet is probably the ultimate option for anyone who appreciates luxury and doesn't have a problem with the high prices.

Närmaste stationer till Premier Health...

At Metropolis Gym it's all about service. Their platinum membership, for example, includes a breakfast buffet, freshly launded gym gear, towels etc. A stylish, recently renovated locale, fresh, clean changing rooms and top quality equipment. ProGym on Medborgarplatsen and fitness one of Stockholm's oldest gyms and was founded in There's a huge selection of weights and machines here.

Plenty of ordinary Södermalm locals use the gym, but also a large number of professional bodybuilders. Lots of gym newbies worry about having to go to the gym in full make up and snazzy, brand-new workout gear but at ProGym you can turn up just as you without anyone Regional medical center health an eyelid, which may isn't necessarily the case at some of the more exclusive gyms.

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It's a case of horses for courses, and many prefer this kind of gym. Högbergsgatan 46 CSödermalm. Actic uses Regional medical center health and fitness so-called "Nautilus method", a fitness concept invented in Florida in the Seventies. There's a strong emphasis on health and the Regional medical center health and fitness results in increased strength, condition and flexibility.

Nautilus machines are intended to be used with high intensity in a calm, controlled way, for short periods minutes per sessiona couple of times a week. With some 15 venues within Stockholm and a further 45 around Sweden, Sats is the best option for anyone who wants to be able to work out at different locations.

MiniSats is a great childcare concept that's offered at around half of the venues. At other venues you'll also find a climbing wall at Regeringsgatantennis Nacka Strand, costs extrasquash Gärdet, Väsby, costs extra and swimming pool Vasagatan.

Gyms are bright and clean. Slightly more expensive than the competition, but also a cut above in most cases. There's a large choice of classes; 60 different kinds over sessions per week. There's also lots of weight-lifting equipment. Nordic Wellness, one of the largest fitness chains in the country, has some 20 clubs in the Stockholm region and more than clubs throughout the country.

Their aim is for everyone to be happy, and they offer both a good selection and good prices.

Fitness24Seven has far from the best facilities, if you consider service, choice and quality, but it's without doubt the cheapest choice. You can also work out 24 hours a day, which is great for anyone with unusual working hours or a different body clock, or if you just prefer to come when the place is empty.

Regional medical center health and fitness World Class they've created an atmosphere that suits all different kinds of people. Young and old, elite athletes or intermittant exercisers, yoga fans or weightlifting professionals.

Haywood Regional Health & Fitness...

With an emphasis on wellbeing and health, they've put a great deal of time and thought into making all their spaces appealing, pleasant places to be.

As well as a large selection of group exercise classes, there are also pensioners' session, as well as "kids aerobics".

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