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College dating gay republicans american dad


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Stan and Steve try to turn an African refugee camp into a fun summer camp, but get attacked by a group of rebels. Back at home, College dating gay republicans american dad and Francine pose as a college professor and his wife.

Stan becomes so obsessed with his own physical appearance after his son starts dating a "fat chick" that he becomes anorexic. Stan becomes worried that he is losing his mind-control skills after a smooth-talking car salesman keeps outsmarting him. Stan doesn't realize until it's too late that he's befriended a group of gay Republican men.

Stan becomes a street car racer to satisfy Francine's need for adventure and excitement, and Jeff becomes an online gamer with Steve and his friends after College dating gay republicans american dad breaks up with him. Francine wants to have another baby, but Stan doesn't want one.

Ultimately, he gives in, but for some reason unknown to her, she can't seem to get pregnant. Francine discovers the horrible secret that Stan's been keeping from her every winter: When Roger helps Steve see that his father isn't as smart as he always believed, the power-hungry pair set their sights on fame and fortune in New York City.

Episode: The American Dad After...

Stan goes to the past to keep Jane Fonda from ruining Christmas, but he winds up creating an alternate future where the United States has been taken over by the Soviet Union. When Stan College dating gay republicans american dad an essay-writing contest to have his personal hero, President Bush, come over for dinner, he is overcome with joy when the President arrives at his doorstep.

Stan hires a family of Mexican illegal aliens to help launch his new teddy bear business, and Roger gets Steve kicked out of his own garage band. Roger finds another neighborhood kid to be his best friend, but winds up getting in an abusive relationship.

Meanwhile, Stan and Francine become obsessed with saving Mr. Pibb after they find out that it is being discontinued. Joseph DanielloRon Hughart Stars: Stan lies to his family and tells them they're the only survivors of a nuclear attack, instead of admitting that he fell for a CIA drill and losing their trust.

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