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Such good arse


But I think what i really want is to experiment a little more with writing Such good arse a little more and focus a little bit more on improving my guitar playing. I've loved playing with these guys, and we've had some good ass times and good ass gigs. This was my first r … eal band and it has been a truly incredible opportunity to meet and play with these guys, and spit on my grave if i ever forget the good times we had! Would like to thank the guys in Divided Bliss, 2 The Gallows, Beside The Bridge, and Exent, for being able to play with us and being kick ass musicians, and our friends and family Such good arse the bands, and of course the fucking awesome fans because without them none of this probably would have happened.

Party hard, rock harder, bitches.

I feel comfy with you,...

It is not in anger, or any dark feelings I have taken this decision, but only because I simply feel like I don´t want to play this kind of music anymore. I´ve had an awesome time playing with this band, and I will always remember this time as a amazing period of my life. This time has not only been special to me because of the good times, but also because this was Such good arse first band that I was the frontman in, it was truly amazing!

I want to thank other bands, such as Divided Bliss, Beside the Bridge, 2 the Gallows Such good arse Exent for playing amazing gigs with us and all of the people who rocked with us during our concerts!

Vill du mejla mig?

And of course, I want to thank my fellow band mates Wille, August and Lizzy, for being the musicians the are, and for making this time happen.

I wish Wille and August best of luck in the future.

Very few guys would look...

Det är alkohol och drogfritt som vanligt, men gratis entré! Vi tackar så mycket till alla som gick till våran spelning i Farsta! Vi tackar även till Divided Bliss och Beside the Bridge!

Tyvärr hade vi lite tekniska svårigheter då och då, men men! Hoppas folk kommer till nästa spelning den Ålrajt, komsi komsi på våran spelning på Lördag den 6: Nu ligger det till så att vi kommer att ha en del ändringar i vårat spelschema under våren! Det betyder att vi inte kommer spela på Café Bonza Imorgon i Tyresö!

Mer information och nya datum kommer snart! Tyvärr så har spelningen imorgon på Lakeside blivigt inställd!

Smakar det så kostar det

Så se till att komma till Café Bonza i Tyresö nästa Fredag istället! Nu på Lördag den Det blir vår första spelning så se till att röja gärnet! Med oss spelar Divided Bliss, event kommer snart. Mer information tillkommer snart i detta event! Biljetter kommer att kunna köpas snart av alla bandmedlemmar! Spelningen den 9 Mars på Satelliten har blivit uppskjuten! Datumet är fortfarande inte helt men troligen blir det den 13 April! Sections de cette Page. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées?

Voir plus de contenu de Swarm of Locust sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées? Tyvärr så tänker jag sluta i bandet nu vid årets slut. "Such good arse" har tänkt … på det mycket och känner att jag vill fokusera på att spela gitarr och vill spendera all min tid Such good arse det.

Ni har varit riktigt schyssta mot mig och har allihopa inspirerat mig mycket. Swarm of Locust 12 juillet ·. We have some bad news folks! Unfortunately, both Lizzy and Erik have decided to quit the band.

They both want to explain: Swarm of Locust 3 mai ·. His passing is very sad news to the entire Metal community: Swarm of Locust a changé sa photo de couverture. Swarm of Locust Such good arse avril ·. Metal Retribution Live 5e Elementet. Swarm of Locust 6 avril ·. Swarm of Locust 2 avril ·. Swarm of Locust 1 avril ·. We got ourselves a keyboard player! Swarm of Locust 21 mars ·.

Swarm of Locust 15 mars ·. Swarm of Locust 10 mars ·.

Simon Cowell used the hash...

Swarm of Locust 4 mars ·. Swarm of Locust 3 mars ·. Swarm of Locust 9 février ·. En månad kvar till Satelliten! Swarm of Locust 7 février ·. I've loved playing with these guys, and we've had some good ass times and good . we post and let's face it no METAL band should be subject to crap like this!.

Simon Cowell used Such good arse hash tag susanalbumparty to promote susan boyle's new album, not noticing it spelt out the title of this song.

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