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Working it out watching you come receive it


Are you having problems with your internet conenction on any other device?

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Hi SamSam, Tks for reply. I discovered picture only freezes when I've tried to ff. Cheers, petenkerrie well Pete anyway. I've been through this same for the last two years with two top and Samsung TVs. On repeated occasions I have spoken to Samsung they have done remote software updates  etc. Each and every occasion I have tried to discredit my fairy that it is eight of the app or the ethernet adapter in the TV.

I have also done repeated resets and start-ups on both TVs. I've been told on many occasions that it is my bandwidth that is not good enough I don't consider 5 Mb slow although it's not the Working it out watching you come receive it  in Australia. I have had a TV technician out twice regarding the problem and they tell me there is nothing they can do other than make sure everything is updated.

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Samsung on several occasions told me if they could find no fault then I would be charged for it. Each and every time I have spoken to them I  have told them that I refuse to pay anything as this has been an ongoing issue for the past 24 months. I out watching you come also spoken to both retailers JB hi-fi and Harvey Norman regarding this and they have both intern contacted Samsung and told them to get the problem solved. SBS informed me that they have not had complaints but approximately receive few months prior to my last complaint to Samsung SBS did say they had upgraded some components and that may have caused some issues but that is not the case for my two televisions.

I also bought a third cheaper grade Samsung TV as a gift for a friend it was noted  almost immediately that in attempt to use SBS On Demand you would start watching a program and then it would fail and you would have to restart SBS On Demand and are many occasions reset the TV and I'm plug the power just to be able to exit the app. Working

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SBS with their end user license agreement will deny that there is anything wrong with the TV. Therefore it is basically a monitor with a smart TV ability.

So I have spoken to Samsung over eight occasions and performed reset send updates on more occasions than I care to think about. In recent weeks I have had contact from smart vision in western Australia regarding this matter as I contacted both retailers Working it out watching you come receive it the problems I'm going.

Both retail and stated that they will get to the bottom of it because even though it is outside the manufacturers warranty there is still statutory warranty that will cover me.

I am attempting to get the log of all the times I have spoken to Samsung regarding this matter to know avail. It has been very frustrating because each and every time I make contact to Samsung they are first person and I have no knowledge of the history or what I have been through regarding this matter so it's like a loop tape and I'm dealing with the button press are at the other end that wants to perform the same tasks as the last guy and the guy before  that and the guy before that and the guy before that and so on and so on and so on.

Today I have received a phone call from smart vision in relation to the fault. They now tell me along with Samsung technical in western Australia at that there is indeed a fault with the application or it could possibly be the ethernet adapter in the TV. This is still pending and I have contacted and escalated level of management Working it out watching you come receive it the Eastern states regarding this matter. So basically along with the a you LA of Samsung that you agree to before you use the TV they are stating that they deny any part of wrong doing or error in third party software for their TVs.

Again this is the only reason  I purchased the television in the first place.

So we have acknowledgement that there is in fact an error or a problem with smart TVs of Samsung but management in the Eastern states at this stage are denying. There we have conflict. I'm glad I purchased extra warranty because I will be walking into the store with the TVs if this is not rectified on the next contact returning the TV  demanding a full refund as once again this is the reason I bought the TV for the smart aspect of it.

In relation to the third TV that I bought approximately four months after we purchased it and had ongoing issues with the smart TV application we return that TV to the store at JB hi-fi and they replaced it with a different brand of TV.

This was an LG since installing that TV it has not failed once. Nevertheless it came as a component of the TV I purchased therefore I expect it dealt with promptly and an outcome.

Don't let Samsung tell you that there is no fault because this is proof and they must not deny it. Very frustrating anyway I shall get to the bottom of my matter I hope you do so as well. I have not overlooked anything in regards to the performance of this application.

I know more than Working it out watching you come receive it people do about IT.


Bandwidth modem settings at Cetera at Cetera have all been tested. There is no failure with the bandwidth all the modem or breakdown in  any ethernet cable's or Wi-Fi connection. You will get the general idea anyway. The crux of the matter is there is an actual error with the app on most Samsung TVs and Samsung must deal with it.

Thanks for letting us  know Jimmyrecard. Hopefully you can work with Samsung on an update which fixes the problem. I had this when I first moved to my current premises. Even on ethernet fetch TV struggles. If I attempted to open a web browser on my laptop while fetch  was running I would have to wait far too long.

If there isn't enough bandwidth to go around then other devices in the house can suffer. I have spoken to customer service state level management and a representative of the CEO of Samsung Australia they have all wash their hands of the issue and point the finger towards SBS as they created the application. As Samsung sells the TV with the app installed they should be liable for this. Basically they have shooed me away. I've been Working it out watching you come receive it to both retailers they don't want to do anything either I'm now in contact with the ACCC.

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