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Thus, we have a lot of MedChemists that do nothing except create Meth and Explosions, which in turn destroys Medbay.

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Thus, this guide spawns. In fact, it is FAR from optimized. Double in fact, a few of these are recipes I made up myself. The first one is Medical Chemistry, which is what the guide is written about.

You also get no blood monkeys. The reason being is that Medbay starts off with very basic and few pills and patches. Other than that they have free reign to test out all of the cool shit to their heart's desire in a safe and controlled environment. Where you get all your chemicals! Much like a soda "Gay mineiros miners 2018," this machine Gay mineiros miners 2018 you dispense pure liquid forms of chemicals into a beaker or bucket.

The dispenser can dispense units of chemicals before it runs out of energy The energy bar is wrong: You can choose how many units each pill or patch contains to a maximum of 50 units, and bottles to a maximum of 30 units. Temperature here and in chemistry in general is measured in Kelvin, which is basically Celsius except with 0 being absolute zero: The lowest possible temperature you can reach. Certain recipes will require you to heat up the container before they react, generally to around K.

The connection between chemistry and the peasants. Here you have a wall mounted Fuel Tank. It also frees up a lot of space in the chemistry lab, to the point that it is physically possible to move around in it. Don't forget it's up there. Useful for getting Omnizine out of Donk Pockets and grinding your pills back into a liquid. A fifth large beaker spawns in here, so snatch it up! Can carry a maximum of units. There are two next to each dispenser, and an additional one in the Reagent Grinder.

Can carry a maximum of 50 units. Toss them in grenades or use them for passing out small amounts of reagents for the bartender or virologist. Contains units of space cleaner. You can fill it with bron säsong 4 handling any nefarious thing you like more space cleaner when you run out.

Can carry 15 units of reagents. Mostly used to get blood, but is also commonly used to inject liquid forms of medicine directly into the bloodstream You probably won't do this since you can just make them into pills. Scans reagents in a living things bloodstream. The Advanced Medical Scanners that the doctors carry around have the same function, so this item won't exactly be used.

Inside contains units of components! Sulf acid, Oil, Acetone; tons of important shit! Be lazy as fuck! Grind it up for 20 units of plasma. Storage for your pills and patches. Go ahead and unlock them for the doctors. You can use them to store a crap ton of your medicine. Use it to transfer your meds from the Chem Master to the Fridge. To protect your eyes. Gay mineiros miners 2018 them on also allows you to view the exact amount of reagents in the container; pretty useful for not accidentally blowing yourself up.

Like syringes, but with a lower capacity. These are the only items that can carry 1 unit of a reagent. They also allow you to inject reagents into IPCS. You can use them to experiment with different mixes, but ignore them for now.

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In the latest chemistry update, any poisons you create will spit off fumes. In order to avoid these fumes, you need to Gay mineiros miners 2018 the gas masks. These things carry units instead of the default units that large beakers can hold.

The first thing you should do when the shift starts is grab these things. Three spawn initially; two in the garden and one near the fish vendor.

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