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Breeding chuck


I love all my animals!

Sharing bird sounds from around...

They are my babies. I take up lots of time with them, so they are very spoiled when they leave!

Vår avelsverksamhet ligger strax utanför...

Puppies leave with the following: He'll be going to his new home in a couple weeks! I love this boy! Mable is having to go on a Breeding chuck because she gained Basset Hound does agility: Hoagie bloodhound bloodhoundsofinstagram liverandtan agalshounds. Rupert bassethound bassethoundsofinstagram redandwhitebasset agalshounds.

Avsnitt på den här sidan.

E-post eller telefon Lösenord Glömt kontot? Visa mer av A Gal's Hounds på Breeding chuck. Gilla · Kommentera · Dela. A Gal's Hounds 13 augusti ·. A Gal's Hounds har delat ett minne.

Blackjack Bloodhounds har lagt till 9 nya foton. A Gal's Hounds 13 januari kl. Wanna guess which is Dixie and which is Hoagie? A Gal's Hounds har uppdaterat sitt omslagsfoto.

A Gal's Hounds har lagt till 5 nya foton. A Gal's Hounds 29 december kl. Treat A Dog 19 december ·.

A Gal's Hounds har lagt till 8 nya foton. A Gal's Hounds har lagt till 9 nya foton.